Multi-Pass Rendering

After already considering my rendering options, I decided to re-explore the different avenues that were available to me. As I was thinking of the final part of the animation, specifically the post-production, I wanted another way to render out my project as I realised that adding effects to the frames will affects all of the visuals – this would not be ideal as I wanted to add a glow effect to the X-Particles. The voice-over below covers my thought process and ideas about how I will complete this:

Since making this post, I have experience further problems with my rendering. After 30+ hours of rendering, C4D on my computer froze and became unresponsive forcing me to Force Quit the application, losing all of my progress. After discussing this with my tutor, it was suggested that I bump the settings down further to a low rendering quality in order to meet the deadline, as I still need to produce something. In addition, as this is a R&D project, this will be another factor I can reflect on in the evaluation process.

Additionally, it was also suggested that alongside the full low quality render, that I also render a small portion of it at a higher setting to show that the full image would look like.

Project Update #2

Since the first project update post, I have been completing tasks relating to the development of my project – I decided to try and change the colour of my cube object as it was the easiest option within my time frame. Below is a voice-over video discussing my decision in more detail, giving my thoughts and justification as to why I went with that decision.

Vending Machine Modelling

Following on from my Project Update post, I created a quick model of a vending machine in C4D – the time-lapse below shows this process of creating it and also texturing it with different materials to try and replicate inspirational images provided before.

Overall, the vending machine model itself isn’t very good and that’s expected as I haven’t conducted any research into how to model within C4D. I have spent 10 weeks researching and creating the cube and x-particles ring – creating a whole model in a couple of days without any research behind it would have been very good – however, considering this fact, what I have produced has taught me some valuable lessons into how to edit objects within polygon & vertices mode – to which I will be able to employ those skills into another project which might revolve around it. I feel that the quality of the model also had a big impact on it being implemented into the animation or not, as it wasn’t very good I didn’t want it to bring down the standard of my work. Withou this element, I still feel that contrast between organic and man-made is still achieved through the current objects, however, the animation just didn’t have a corporate aim to it.

Project Update

As I was experiencing some issues with my project, specifically the cube & x-particles colour palette, I have now decided to take a more commercial approach to the animation and make it brand orientated. The voice-over below discusses the issues in more depth:

My next step after this project update will be to experiment with different colour swatches for the displacement map image – this will allow me to potentially save a lot of time with resolving the current problem by changing the colour to a something that is more complementary to the scene, and not modelling something entirely different which will take many hours to make perfect.

However, if I am unable to find a more complementary range of colours for the cube, I will have to plan out the new vending machine model, which will focus on several different aspects of the design, including:

  • Visual style
  • Period/decade
  • Colour palette

By planning these sections out it will enable me to create a model that not only matches the scene in terms of colour, but also as a whole making the animation look complete. I feel that I will want to create something that is slightly cartoony, with lots of illuminating aspects – I feel that this aesthetic of the vending machine will help match the abstract aesthetic of the animation, whilst also adding a fun/non-serious element to it.

Additionally, adding the vending machine will still reinforce the contrast between man-made and organic – an element that I have been want to incorporate from the beginning.


Camera Set-Up

A short voice-over video explaining the camera set-up within my animation, and also discussing other scene changes/additions further developing it.